Learn Pai-Gow Poker Strategy To Use In Your Next Game

This is a table game set for 6 players and a dealer. The objective of the game is for each player to defeat the dealer. As much as the house way mode of playing is slightly different in various casinos, the following will outline the general rules followed by most casinos.

The values of cards are ranked differently. Two through six are ranked low, 7 to 10 are considered as medium and the remaining cards are high cards.

If you want to be a winner, we have a Pai-Gow poker strategy you could try out.

In Two Pairs

If by any chance the dealer is dealing with two pairs of medium or low cards, the pairs will be split up and the lower of the two pairs put in the low hand. This is also applicable if the dealer has a medium and high pair, a pair of Aces or two high pairs. An exception can only be made if the players have a king at hand.

In the case where the dealer has to deal with a low and a high pair, the lower pair will be put into the second card hand lest the dealer holds an Ace. The same rule also applies in case of two medium ranked pairs.

Pai-Gow Poker Strategy on Straights and Flushes

A dealer either, is only allowed to split up straights or flushes in the following instances;

If the dealer has two highly ranked pairs, the pairs are split up or the dealer has aces and any pair, the lower is used for his low hand.

If the dealer also has any two pairs and an ace, then the ace and next highest card is used in the low hand.

Four of a Kind

In four of a kind if it is low, then it is kept together in the high end.

In a medium four of a kind, the dealer has to split the two unless both players have an Ace and a face card.

A high four of a kind must also be split unless the hand contains a medium or a high pair.

If the dealer has three pairs, then he will take the highest ranked pair and put it into his low hand.

In a casino, another strategy would be to take the role of a banker. This means that you will be playing against many hands but you have the advantage of winning more often. In fact, you will do better in the house way when you have to separate two pairs in your hand.