Pai Gow and Free Online Slots

You may not realize this, but you can play with dominoes, not only in casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City but on the internet as well. It isn't the traditional game of dominoes as many people know it, but actually a game called Pai Gow, and it has achieved quite a following with the people who have played it, whether they are Asian or not.

Using the tiles that are employed in the game, the objective is to achieve a "hand" of nine. This is actually the basis of the game of baccarat. But there are differences. In Pai Gow the player is using dual hands against the dealer; for example, with four tiles, two hands are made. There is a "front" hand, which has a lower value, and a "rear hand," which has a higher value. A player will win if his or her front AND rear hands beat the dealer's front and rear hands. If the dealer has the better front and rear hands, the house wins. And if there is one of each, it is a "push."

There are a number of players who can be seated at a table, in the physical setting, and unlike table poker, they are not playing against each other but strictly against the house. In the online game it is more or less a one-on-one confrontation, which materially doesn't really change the dynamics of the game.

As you can guess, there are similarities with a number of games. There is an obvious relationship to baccarat, and there is some kinship with poker. Perhaps it is more or less like video poker. There are bonuses that one can get with certain Pai Gow hands, like a "Gong" or a "Wong," in which additional points are scored. Also, there is some value to having matching tiles. In that way, maybe there is some similarity to a slot game. And let's remember that slots as they were originally conceived, were like poker machines.

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